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Greeting! And welcome to Operation Veteran's Promise (OVP) a newly established not-for-profit Veterans outreach initiative dedicated to supporting Veterans across the country that need assistance. We launched to initially open communications and networks to Veterans seeking employment and residential opportunities available through public assistance programs and other Veterans outreach initiatives in conhunction with our own efforts. Rather than focus solely on donated support we seek to be self sufficiency via a self-sustainable renewable energy platform. Veterans who join our program will have the benefit of training, financial, residential, and follow on educational opportunities. The project is funded by a simple and effective bio-energy production platform. Profits from our renewable energy business will be donated to fellow Veteran Assistance Organizations to enhance our collective efforts in assisting our nations heroes, much like Paul Newman's "Newman's Own" brand.  So the model for what we seek to do is not unique but new the the Veterans community and outreach programs supporting the community.

We come from a variety of backgrounds in the Infantry, Airborne, Artillery, Engineers, Transportation, Logistics, and Intelligence. The Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard are all represented in our ranks and the door is still open to others. There was a time when it was fashionable to refer to service members as “Treasure” it’s about time we revisit the definition and identify those who believe in its application is returned to fashion to reflect our Nation’s true appreciation for the service and sacrifices of our Veterans.

The NFL Remebers Our Veterans

 It is great secret the respect and admiration that Service Members and Professional Athletes share amongst one another. At some time in our history many of us has worn a similar uniform as them and they too share that similarity with many of those in the ranks of the Military. In recent weeks significant effort and dialogue has encouraged many of the NFL's best to share their acknowledgement and support for our Military and Veterans in our forum.  Just as we are honored with their grace on the field of play we humbly accept their shared voices on a different field, collectively struggling for a win for a group of men and women who so rightfully desire what modest gains we can provide and so much more. Take a moment to see which of your favorite sports personalities have joined the cause, more and more join daily and our valiant Veterans are a little better off, every day, because of the great men and women of the NFL.  

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